Our Story

Daughters Baking is a boutique cake business in Birmingham, Alabama, known for our “naked” cakes and various other delicious products! We add a fun and playful spin to the traditional style of cakes. Our cake style is known for beautifully exposed edges and colorful contrasting layers of delicious fillings. Flavors on our menu often hit on nostalgic and comforting combinations from childhood memories and growing up - yet taking it up several notches! Each cake is thoughtfully filled with rich components that hopefully change people’s ideas of what a cake could ever be! We hope to give people the best cake they have ever had - hoping to bring joy to both the faces around the table and to one’s taste buds!

While studying at Samford University, Mallory (Webb) Mason, worked as a barista at a local cafe in Birmingham, Urban Standard. Mallory discovered baking as a hobby at home while in college, and found it to be a great source of joy and personal therapy. After working at Urban Standard a couple years, she began to help with the baking process and eventually took over the head baker’s position. Trained by her predecessor, Mallory learned many of the tricks and trades taught in culinary school. She went on to teach herself more about the art of baking and pastries while working at the cafe.

At one point during that process, Mallory decided to focus in on the art of cakes. After being gifted the cookbook “Momofuku Milk Bar,” Mallory felt a surge of inspiration with a certain style of cake. Her love for baking cakes began to grow. During her time at Urban Standard, Mallory decided to experiment with her own version of the trending “naked” cake. People went nuts over this fresh, new way to satisfy their sweet tooth.

In 2016, she sold her very first cake to a dear friend from church. The red velvet beauty drew the attention of her congregation. From here, her audience began to double. Mallory began an Instagram to keep up with her audience and promote her artistry, using the social media platform as a portfolio of her creations. The Instagram was named, daughtersbaking, inspired by her relationship with God, and because “daughterscakes” was already taken.

The cake that started it all.

In July of 2021, Mallory fulfilled another dream for the company. The first Daughters Baking storefront opened in Mountain Brook Village for walk-in orders, pick-up orders, wedding consultations, and other events. After searching for a year and a half, Mallory finally felt the peace she was longing for in the heart of Mountain Brook. In the future, Daughters hopes to expand to several more locations and to grow their wholesale, wedding, and standard order clientele - while also making a positive difference in each community (or table) they are a part of.

Our storefront in Mountain Brook, AL.

Our Mission and Culture

Our mission here at Daughters is to create a contagious culture of joy and beauty starting with serving people the best cake they have ever had. Through the years, we have commonly heard the phrase, “This is the best cake we’ve ever had!” In hearing this, we began to make it a goal for our team to harbor and serve joy, positivity, kindness, and of course, beautiful cakes to our customers. We recognize that our cakes will be part of joyful moments as well as moments that could need more joy. We hope to bring joy and beauty to any table with a Daughters cake.

Alongside this mission, we also strive to one day play a significant role in helping those in need. The issues involving hunger internationally have been present for a long time, and are also on the rise now more than ever internationally. We hope to be able to impact hunger issues across the world, and to help find solutions for those who are in need. As we continue to build this business, we hope to get to a place where we can truly make a positive impact in this area.

Thank you for supporting Daughters Baking, and for coming alongside us as we build the foundation of this business. We are so grateful for every customer along the way. We truly are nothing without our customer base! Thank you for hearing our heart and passion, and come by and see us at our new storefront soon!