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    Making your wedding day truly unforgettable is not just what we do, it's what we love to do. The Daughters Baking Wedding Department is the perfect blend of experience and artistry. From booking your cake with our wonderful wedding coordinator, to having our skilled baking team handcraft each cake with care, to our reliable delivery and set-up team who ensure that your cake is perfectly displayed - Our attention to detail and dedication to our craft is why so many couples have trusted us to create a visually captivating centerpiece for their celebration that tastes just as good as it looks. When you book a Daughters Baking wedding cake, you can expect not only your dream cake come true, but also a seamless and stress-free experience.

Meet Our Team

  1. Our Wedding Coordinator:
    Patricia has been our wedding coordinator for over four years. Her attentive and personable approach ensures that each wedding cake is seamlessly planned and executed according to your specific vision.
  2. Our Wedding Set-Up Team:
    We have a dedicated team that handles all the technicalities of cake delivery and setup! Each team member is committed to ensuring that each and every wedding cake is handled and displayed according to each couple's unique vision.

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Our Wedding Menu

Our wedding menu has been carefully curated to ensure that you have options that are both nostalgic and aspirational. From timeless classics to the bold and innovative, our menu caters to a wide variety of tastes, including gluten free options, ensuring that together we can create an unforgettable culinary moment for your special day.

Wedding Cake

vanilla cake, vanilla custard, vanilla buttercream, white chocolate milk crumb
Second Most Popular

Blueberry Lemon

blueberry cake, lemon buttercream, cheesecake, white chocolate milk crumb
Most Popular Available Gluten Free

Strawberry Champagne

champagne cake, champagne buttercream, strawberry preserves, lemon oreo crumb

Classic Chocolate

chocolate cake, chocolate custard, chocolate buttercream, chocolate crumb Gluten Free

Salted Caramel Pretzel

caramel cake, caramel sauce, caramel buttercream, pretzel crunch

Cookies and Cream

cookies and cream cake, oreo buttercream, vanilla custard, oreo chocolate crumb

Reese’s Peanut Butter

chocolate cake, peanut butter buttercream, chocolate buttercream, chopped Reese’s cups
Gluten Free

Peach Bourbon

cinnamon graham cracker cake, house-made peach preserves, bourbon buttercream, cinnamon oat crumb

What Our Brides Say

The first time I tried a Daughter’s Baking cake, I knew it was the best I had ever had, despite other traditionally acclaimed bakeries/cakes in Birmingham. For years, one place in particular held my heart for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, confirmations, and much more—but now, DB is our go-to! Not only are the cakes the most aesthetically pleasing to look at and worthy of display at any event, but you cannot compete with the creative, myriad of flavors! The taste is exceptional—from traditional wedding cake to my favorite lemon-blueberry, to the featured seasonal items with pumpkin and more! Slicing the cake even has its own unique style, and guests who have never experienced a DB cake are always incredibly impressed! The cakes also freeze fabulously, in case you want to save some for a later snack to reminisce over its decadence! The staff are as sweet as their cakes, and Daughter’s Baking is just such a happy place in general! So glad they are located in Mountain Brook village. We are very blessed to have them!!

Eleanor Montgomery

I can never resist coming in for a cake cup or one of their products when I am near by! So unique and beyond delicious! So grateful Daughters baking is here in Bham. It doesn’t get any better in my opinion. You will not be disappointed!

Rachel Bowers

LOVE these cakes - and this is coming from someone who has long not liked cake (I was the ice cream cake kid). These are the only ones I will eat and they are beyond amazing. Highly recommend for your event or to just share (or not share ha) on a Tuesday night.

Courtney Crew

I was gifted a lemon blueberry mini cake and was totally taken by surprise the deliciousness that such a tiny cake could pack! Directions were easy to follow and precise. I’ve never had a single cake incorporate so much in one bite! I wish I had taken a picture before it was devoured 10/10 would 100 recommend!

Tammy Littich

Daughter’s Baking cakes are not only delicious but also works of dessert art. The attention to detail in the cakes is impressive. The taste is amazing. I have had the cakes at weddings, have ordered for birthday treats and parties and have gotten the taster size for a personal treat. The best cakes! A few favorites include Blueberry Lemon 🍋 Wedding Layer Cake 👰🏼‍♀️ Reese’s Peanut Butter 🥜🍫 Lavender Honey 🍯💜 Red Velvet ❤️🍫 Churro, Chocolate and Salted Caramel.

Allison Herr

Daughters baking is the cutest little bakery with the friendliest staff! Their cake cups are my favorite afternoon treat and a great way to try all their different flavors. My favorite is salted caramel pretzel but they are all wonderful!

Ashley White

Best cakes, best service! 10 out of 10 highly recommend.

Jason Ogletree

Daughters Baking bakes with magic, no one can convince me otherwise.

From 'Yes' to 'Yum'

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How We Work

Step One: Eat Cake

Order a wedding tasting box online or at our shop in Mountain Brook!

Step 2: Reserve Your Date

Fill out our inquiry form, and our wedding coordinator will contact you within 48 hours.

Step 3: Share Your Vision

From design to delivery, we'll finalize all the details with you and your planner for your day.

Step 4: Celebrate in Style

Our expert team will arrive, delivering your dream cake with care and precision.

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Wedding Cake Sizes

Single Tier Cakes

Two Tier Cakes

Three Tier Cakes

Cake Pricing

All of our cake pricing is based on the exceptional amount of detail and time that we put into each cake, as each layer of the cake is lovingly made by hand. Our specialty menu pricing accounts for the higher cost of some specialty ingredients, such as champagne, fruit, and gluten free flour.

Delivery Areas

Single & Two Tier Cake Delivery Fee $50 within 15 miles from our store

Three Tier Cake Delivery Fee $75 within 15 miles from our store

Additional miles just 67¢ each (2024 mileage rate).

We are more than happy to drive these extra miles for your special day.

Minimum Amount for Delivery - $375

  • We Deliver To:
  • Anywhere
  • Everywhere
  • Rain Or Shine

Wedding Cake Gallery

View our wedding cake gallery below.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Cakes

This is totally up to you! More often than not, not everyone is going to eat cake. A lot of people often share cake slices as well! We typically recommend purchasing cake for around 85% of the total number of guests. If you want to play it safe though, you can definitely purchase cake for the full 100%! There is no harm in having extra cake!

A groom’s cake can vary from between a third of the size of the bride’s cake to even the same size as the bride’s cake. This also is really up to you with what you are envisioning for your wedding! The average size is typically a third or a half of the size of the bride’s cake.

Definitely! There is a $50 fee per alternating flavor.

In the lead is our Blueberry Lemon, and second up, is the Wedding Layer Cake!

Unfortunately, we do not. Our technique in building these types of cakes limits us from doing icing on the sides - so we strictly only do the full naked cake style.

Sorry, we do not. We stick pretty strictly to our current wedding flavor menu. Our wedding flavors are listed on the “Additional Wedding Details” page on our website.

Currently we offer Wedding Cake, Blueberry Lemon, Blackberry Champagne, Peach Honey, Lavender Honey, Raspberry Mascarpone, Almond Amaretto, Salted Caramel Pretzel, *Classic Chocolate, and *Reese’s Peanut Butter. (*Gluten Free Option Available)

Cake sizes, and styles can be viewed here.

About The Cake Stand

We do not provide the cake stand. However, we typically recommend looking into Amazon or any local home goods store. Many venues and reception locations often have larger cake stands that are available to borrow or rent as well. People often get very creative with their cake stands, and how they want to display their cake! Feel free to look at Pinterest and play around with different ideas!

A cake stand for a Daughters Baking cake needs to be at least 2 inches larger than the bottom diameter of your cake. The cake stand also needs to be very sturdy and able to hold a significant amount of weight. The cake stand also needs to have a completely flat and level surface, without any dips or holes, so that the cake is able to balance and sit evenly on the stand. (Ex. Bottom cake layer is 12 inches in diameter so you will need at least a 14 inch cake platter)

Yes! Email us at, and we will send you a list of potential resources and cake stand examples!

Setting Your Date

To check our availability, immediately get in touch with our wedding coordinator Patricia with this form.

We recommend the sooner the better! Our wedding schedule books up fast, so we recommend your wedding officially into our calendar as soon as possible to secure your date.

Delivery and Set Up

We typically set up the cake 1.5 hours before the start of the ceremony or event. The cake typically will sit out anywhere between 1.5 hours to 5 hours. These cakes are set up very cold and are designed and internally structured to sit out for several hours at a time.

We do not recommend the cake to be moved after set up; however, this is your call! Moving the cake highly increases the risk of damage to the cake, especially for cakes that are tiered! In order to be on the safe side, we recommend keeping the cakes in the same place as when they are set up.

If your wedding cake is picked up frozen, we recommend taking the wedding cake out of the freezer first thing in the morning on the day of your wedding and putting it in the refrigerator. We then recommend taking the cake out of the refrigerator, and setting up the cake (based on the instruction card that was given) about 1.5 hours before the start of your event! We will prepare you as much as possible via email and phone before your wedding on the best way to set up your wedding cake!

For all delivery weddings, we provide a complimentary mini cake that can serve as your “top tier.” You are then able to serve your entire cake to guests. The mini cake will be wrapped and packaged well so it will be ready to freeze until your one year anniversary. You are also welcome to eat it that night or the next morning - whenever you would like!

When delivering the cake, our team will provide written directions, in addition to verbally explaining to the designated cake-cutting person how to cut a Daughters Baking cake. See our Instagram page under the “Highlight” section under “Cake Cutting” for a couple videos demonstrating how to cut the cake.

We do not provide flowers or additional items with the cake; however, we are very happy to decorate the cake with flowers or any other additional items left for us at the cake table at the venue! If you prefer your florist, or anyone else, to decorate the cake, we are happy with that too! It is completely up to you! If you know exactly what look you want for the flowers on the cake, you can also send us a photo or that information via email leading up to your wedding, and we will make sure to replicate that as best as possible!